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Goals from Stockport - Virgin Media

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No panic yet but the answer is available for the Hereford game






The quicker we can move Lomax over to the RB position, get Greegs back to Partner Hazell and new boy Jones at LB the quicker the defence will become stronger.


IMO Hazell has been to relaxed so far this season, his marking and positioning have been poor, his concentration as let him down on numerous occassions. He needs to be sat down with Shez and Hardy and the words NEW CONTRACT need to be mentioned to him. Its suprising how much better players become once they are playing for a new contract ! or is that me just being too Cynical ? :wink:

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I just hate the tactics away from Home when Liddell plays as he’s a fookin liability!

Two wide Men away from home need to get back quickly and tuck into midfield when out of possession And Andy past it Liddell doesn’t do that, Hence our midfield being out numbered and lacking.


Also although Jones is a good player playing him and Byrne together first game making it two new faces in a back four away from home with No leader on the pitch or commanding figure in defence was suicide.


But having said that we needed a defeat as we were becoming lazy and laidback we needed a cold sharp shock and a slap and we got that, lets hope we focus and do a job against Hereford.

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