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so the police were to blame for only 2000 tickets

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I am a big backer of our TTA and AH as done me some good turns, so don't like hearing neg things, however openly attacking the cops aint good sense! maybe getting in before they think the club will be made to answer.

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:huh::unsure: confused ..help. Is it the police who are to blame for Wolfy not playing? or Davies' fault we were fighting on friday? or is SC shipping AH out on loan and how did Lidds get such a lucrative contract :wacko:


I can clear up only one of your queries - it was definitely Liddell's fault they were fighting.

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So, if contact was only between OAFC, SCFC and the Football League, how were the Police to blame, and does he actually say that?


he says that had the police bothered to contact oafc, oafc would have asked for the whole pop side. he also says had the police 'done their homework' they would know that more than 2000 would go to the match.

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