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Liam Dickinson

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He can't extended his stay at Huddersfield after that, should we jump in and take him on loan? We could send Brett O back to PNE and bring in Dickinson. Him and Hughes would be pretty special.


Brett Ormerod will be a big asset when he's fully fit but should have started on the bench again last night.


I think if we keep him for a second month you'll see that he's a quality player.


I think it's just the frustration of the lack of goals from the strikers that persuaded Shez to make the change.

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theyre both around 22 years old. theyre both around six foot tall. theyre both pacy strikers. one has played for four clubs, the other played for three. one averages 0.2 gols per game, the other 0.3. one has a section of fans who think hes arrogant, lazy and overrated. the other has a section of fans who think hes arrogant, lazy and overrated. one gets a few 'flashy' gols, the other gets a few 'flashy' gols.

id say quite similar, and therefore its a matter of opinion who was the ship version of the other. good call that kellysheroes.

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Well Derby saw fit to pay £750,000 for Dickinson, how many teams are queueing up with bids of that amount (or indeed any amount) for Davies.


Dickinson has already scored 6 this season, the people who would take Davies over Dickinson are few and far between and if Shez had a choice I bet I know who he'd rather have on the books.


Also the people who think he was so rubbish against us at BP this season were not watching the same game as me, he caused us no end of problems and contributed greatly towards the point Huddersfield took that day.

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