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Davies showed his cool and mild temper once again in Stocky's game today:


The half ended controversially when Craig Davies, who had already been booked, needlessly pushed Paul Robinson. It looked another yellow card offence but the referee, Iain Williamson, kept his cards in his pocket. Davies didn't reappear for the second half being replaced by Matty McNeil.


Source: http://www.stockportcounty.com/page/MatchR...9~44579,00.html


According to Stocky fans he should have gone:





Sounds like he got a lucky escape.

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Hence why I'm glad we got rid of him. Far too much of a liability.


You could argue the same for Hughes but he makes up for that far more than Davies can.


Little separates them in my view apat from Hughes is more of a team player and Davies has pace

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hughes had a very alien "attitude"today....

i'm thinking he's not taking well to whats been said over the last week.

on his way in january...cash in time.



Who would pay good money for someone with his previous, and who has hardly set the third tier of English football alight since his release from prison?

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HAS HE ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? News to me.


so what if davies comes back?, he is now being judged for actions that have not been seen by latics fans.


maybe its for the best if he does not come back, because he will no longer stand a chance, latics fans have decided last seasons top scorer is a liabilty.


oh and hughes is now a liabilty coz he got sent off


our best defender over the last few years is a liabilty coz hes having problems


or most highly rated player is a liabilty because ?


its laughable listening to our fans sometimes

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i'd suggest byfield had a chance to come to latics with a view to permanent signing.

and he ran his heart out today.

there's things going on at latics that ain't just adding up,so anyones guess is as good as anyones.


What do you mean by this - it almost sounds sinister?


As for Hughes - no he has not set the League on fire, but he is still obviously a good player at this and perhaps a higher level.

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