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with thanks to diego sideburns , harry dowd etc

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it was great to be back at boundary park for the 2matches and too meet old and new friends too like harry dowds green shirt and diego sideburns and phil white and wayne (chaddy the owl )and sean h ,latics&england (mark) , jacko and others too



me and john mouse kennedy at bp v crewe

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the day before i flew back i was with my mum (87 years old) and she hit a parked car and i hurt my back badly ,it hurts like f..k now i might sue her if we get to wembley in the paint trophy :wink:

Out of interest, Bob, why would Latics getting to Wembley have any bearing on whether you sue your elderly mum?

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0,,10337%7E10202779,00.jpgsrael-based Latics fan Bob Isaacs paid a rare visit to Boundary Park.


And to mark the occasion Bob, who lives in Tel Aviv, was afforded the honour of handing over the matchball before the start of the Johnstone's Paint Trophy, Northern Area Quarter-Final against Crewe.

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