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The League

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We've got 4 league games now before the Liverpool game, need to concentrate on them now and not get pushed further down the league. We're only 6 points away from the play offs and 9 points ahead of the relegation zone. If we can get some positive results from these games and in particular the home games against Hartlepool and Notts County the league will be looking much better for us.

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Ah the bloody league getting in the way of our fun!


It's very true though - I'm not expecting anything at Charlton (apart from a drunken party atmosphere) but we've still got to go for it as there's no pressure on us at all. Then the next three games will be where we've got to take something. The players should have it rammed down their throat that whoever plays the best in the games running up to Liverpool will get to play at Anfield.


I think Dickov has got a great bunch of lads together though - in previous seasons we'd collapse against Southend and Bradford but this season is different. We've got winners in our team and they don't like losing. I reckon we've got an outside chance of play offs but I won't be taking us seriously in the league until March time and if we're up there then - after our cup campaign then let's hope the buzz at Boundary Park can get us into the top 6!

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