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I agree on that also i'll vote for him.


Im honoured if you guys think I deserve this. :blush:


Terry did contact me after it went out on the OS and he has nominated me. I dont supposed more than one nimination would harm :D


From the OS


To enter, all you need to do is send your nomination to awards@football-league.co.uk. Please note that all nominees shortlisted must be free to attend the dinner on Sunday 11th March 2012.


Please make sure to you include:


-Nominee name, age and club they support (if you have a photo of them, please include it)


-Why they should win


-Nominator contact number & email address

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I would like to nominate Gary Davis from Oldham Athletic as the NPower fan of the year.


It's one thing to go to home and away matches for the club you love - I'm sure plenty of other nominees will do that - but this guy does it for reserve and youth matches - even using social media to feedback updates to those of us cosying up at home whilst we try and forget about our latest set of disappointments. In fact, such is his dedication to the club at all playing levels, whilst us relative gloryhunters were watching our passage through the FA Cup watching us beat Southend, securing a tie at Anfield, Gary decided to follow the youth team down to Norwich on their own quest for glory.


Any other boxes that need to be ticked in order to win the award such as being an avid collector/ hoarder of all things Latics. Yes, he's got that covered. In fact, to say that he's a keen Oldham fan is like saying that Frank Sinatra was a bit of a singer. I believe in 2011 he saw 120+ games involving Latics which it just ridiculous from every angle.


He can be contacted via his website at http://www.museumdelatique.com (http://www.museumdelatique.com/contact.htm) or via Twitter on @museumdelatique



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In case the stats cannot be remembered, in the calendar year 2011, Gary attended 126 Latics games at all levels, plus 8 games involving Latics Ladies.


thats one of the reasons he deserves the honour of being fan of the year , he has been watching latics over 40years + and i bet he has seen over 2000 matches plus ,that's what i call a true latics fan :chubb::imnotworthy:

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I'd try to emulate this feat next season however I fear that my wife would leave me, the kids would be taken away, I'd lose my job and my friend (yes, in the end there would be only one, a sock puppet called Alan) would think I'm queer. :censored:, I'll vote for you though!

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