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Reid injured again

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Get rid ,

can't afford players who are out for any length of time .

The guy is not a naturally fit player and it will take him the best part of 6 months to get match fit again.


The only way Latics are going to get out of this league is for PD to put together a half decent side that can play 90% of the matches .


He aint that far off it now but players like Reid and Diallo take up squad places that would be better off filled with players who at least have a history of playing regularly.


i remember of couple of years ago when Colchester went up , in an interview their manager was asked what was the secret -

"Having 10 players who played in 40 games each over the season"

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And Diamond?

Diamond's injuries have tended to be of the 'bump & bang' type that you'd expect someone who throws his body on line like Diamond does to get now & again. He's not been out long-term with any of them, and his famous weak knee hasn't been a factor at all in any of them......if I was dealing with the contracts for next season; Diamond would be one of the first group offered fresh terms.


As for Reid - he's been a big loss. IMO, he was our best player up until his injury. But, that had a lot to do with the fact he had a full pre-season & was looking the fittest he ever has done. My worry was always how long it was going to take him to get back; fully recovered & fully fit from this injury...........this set-back only adds to my concerns that we wont see a fully recovered & fully fit Reuben Reid again this season.

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