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Brentford - 22/09/2012 K/O 15:00


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So by my calculations this is the first London game of the year (awaits someone pointing out obvious mistake I should have googled to check...?).


Me and Slash are in... I'm fairly sure Raggy's coming down and crashing at mine... who else is about? My Mrs is possibly coming (I regret this already as I know you all too well!) as she used to live in Brentford and thus feels some sort of confused allegiance to them and has a Brentford supporting mate likely to be at the game.


I assume there will be a hideous amount of excessive drinking followed by missing of goals and more drinking.

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Fair enough.


Here is the plan: I make myself a massive hero by doing the packing this weekend and generally getting busy with the move, whilst saying things like, "You sit down and have a cup of tea, love, I'll wrap the plates in bubble wrap" and so on.


I'll pop the question of the game just as I'm serving Sunday dinner.

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I'm there. Hear a fair few people are making the trip for this one, including my old man. Just need to make sure he doesn't get so pissed he misses the last train home this time.


Someone tell me which pub you are going to this time, last time I ended up having to talk to Brentford supporters.

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