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  1. No problem with the drum but when your told to stop, stop. They were just asking for trouble. Need to learn when enough is enough!
  2. Harry is pretty much spot on - part at Cabot circus (not sure how much it costs mind) and get the 70, 73, 75 or 76 to the ground.
  3. Why did this game get moved to Saturday? Is it on TV (anywhere in the world...)
  4. Buses run very regularly from Parkway down Gloucester Road - you'll want to get the 73 which takes about 15-20 mins. From Temple meads it can take around 30-40 mins, especially if traffic is bad. You'll want to get the 72 or 73. There are a lots of pubs in the area around the ground. The Wellington is the closest and has a good sized garden and good menu (although rather expensive). Drapers Arms has seating for about 5 people - so probably not worth consideration. A little further afield (15 mins from stadium) you have the Inn on the
  5. When is the loan deadline? It's not usually the same day as transfer deadline.
  6. Can someone DM me the pub meeting point? Might be there. Might be not.
  7. In. I haven't read one decent argument for leaving. Rather not give the Tories more power. The EU has done a lot of exceptionally good things in the past and will continue to do so. Our economy is :censored:ed if we leave, it's dependent on the European free market. Any new agreements will take decades to sort out - why risk a decade of recession.
  8. If our players have been been doping, they clearly haven't been doing it right.
  9. I think the new mascot is more in line with the ambitions of the club than an owl
  10. Saw it this evening. Brilliant! All the new characters were awesome, some fantastic acting. An ok story (basically A New Hope 2.0). Look forward to the next one!!
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