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Interesting poll on the Colchester Forum

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I know there's some knee jerk reactions when it comes to messageboards and especially polls on messageboards but when the majority of fans want to lose the next game it's quite alarming. I was wondering what other fans think of this, bearing in mind Colchester's form is that they've won 1 of their last 20 games and has anyone ever wanted Latics to lose a game if it meant that there is a big chance that a manager would be sacked? Personally I've never gone that far but the poll suggests that some people do



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Not sure how your post corresponds to the image?


for some reason it's not showing the bottom part of the image where 60% of the fans on their messageboard have said they'd take 2 defeats if it meant that the manager got sacked

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That last game of the Penney season, after he'd been sacked, and Martin Gray was given a go as caretaker boss, and Charlton were still in with a chance of pipping Leeds to the automatic promotion place.... I don't think I've ever been less bothered about us losing.

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