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  1. That’s very interesting . is it a site with a good reputation?
  2. It makes good sense to suspend football and other sport. The idea is that it will delay the peak until the NHS is better prepared for it Depending on how it all progresses, the season could end in June or July, and the next one start in November. how that plays out with so many permutations and dependencies, nobody knows at this stage
  3. But hopefully several others who are currently playing are not in the plans for next season
  4. No, but I did see the cameraman behind the goal we were attacking in the second half, aiming at their main stand a lot, maybe he was spotting
  5. Why play N’Guessan at right back as sub, when we could have played Mills? If we , allegedly, have money to pay off the debts and buy the ground and land, should we not have the money to extend his contract?
  6. Can I buy a French third rate one at more than the going rate, sit in it a little, then only use it occasionally, then sell it on for nothing without telling anyone?
  7. Started ok, Dearnley should have scored at least one. In the second half, we were poor, Crawley could have scored 6. heads went down, and not for the first time there was no leader to show any fight or togetherness
  8. Great story about Ian Holloway and them organising a friendly v Latics for when Derek akorah was on at the Oldham Coliseum
  9. What time and where is the court hearing due to be on Friday?
  10. Plus 2 going on the train and meeting my son at Clapham junction he lives near Twickenham
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