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  1. That’s very interesting . is it a site with a good reputation?
  2. It makes good sense to suspend football and other sport. The idea is that it will delay the peak until the NHS is better prepared for it Depending on how it all progresses, the season could end in June or July, and the next one start in November. how that plays out with so many permutations and dependencies, nobody knows at this stage
  3. Can I buy a French third rate one at more than the going rate, sit in it a little, then only use it occasionally, then sell it on for nothing without telling anyone?
  4. What time and where is the court hearing due to be on Friday?
  5. 4 squillion to 1 More likely to find someone in dogdale with 5 fingers
  6. Nobby Stiles (c) doddy weir boy George Greg Norman tina turner prince Philip jeffrey archer june brown olivia Newton John charlie sheen E11R. 14th November
  7. Hope it works out for him. he wasn’t great for us, but I thought he had something that could be built on. he was better than some of the signings we made in the summer, including at least Urko and Adams, Gonzales and Kokos maybe he would have been signed if his name was Zaque or Le Dearnley
  8. Remember going on the Latics Liner to Bristol Rovers the players were on it too and some saucy shenanigans ensued, allegedly
  9. We need a striker ’stating the bl***ing obvious’
  10. I thought that must be a wind up name, as in ‘has a no clue’ , but no it’s real and he was also at Preston North End
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