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Swindon doesn't look so bad now

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Ronnie has known thats been coming for a while, every interview he has done all he has been saying is how wonderful it is that they are competing against teams at the top and they are just enjoying it!


roughly translated that means - "Dont get used to it as even though we atarted well we are not that good, we have no money for January and there is a long way to go, we will be out of the play off places by the start of March please dont sack me again, we seem to have drawn a lot of games latly some of which we should have lost so its only a matter of time before I start about injuries causing us problems.........but hey look at Oldham they live in the past"

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it was the manner we lost that was disappointing for me, not the opposition...

Agree - but there was no disguising the fact that Swindon looked a decent well drilled side.


Also - I see that Paulo went off on one because Williams took the missed penalty (in preference to regular spot man Miller) as he was on a hat-trick...


5-0 against the league leaders just not good enough huh? :omg:

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