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Corney's Weakness

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If he'd done his job and ended the misery when he should have done, we might now be in a better position in the league. We'd have been at least a month further down the line with a new manager and hopefully a team ethic that would give us some solidity and progression.

I think he let his heart rule his head and because he had hoped Paul would b able to turn things around, he may now have cost us our place in League 1. That in my book makes him culpable in every respect and he should be feeling extremely embarrassed at what has seen the manager take responsibility for his weakness.

I wish Paul all the best in the future, really likeable guy but for whatever reasons it didn't work out. Mr Corney take note, give the open letters and media politics a rest and grow some balls, our future rests on your next decision!!!

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He who pays the piper calls the tune. 100 different chairmen would do it 100 different ways, hence the league tables. If it was left to the fans, god help us. There are too many imponderables in football to make it easy. Throwing money at it is particularly unreliable and often deadly.

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