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Miley Cyrus


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Apparently, David Jason (Sir) has been quoted as saying that poor Miley is "Everything that is wrong with society".

Now I am not going to have an opinion on his (Sir David Jason's) comments about her (Miley Cyrus, head on a stick gutter trash who cannot sing); i'll leave that to you guys.

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Guest Scratch2000uk

I can see why she wants to shelve the goody two shoes Disney character, as does her manager. Lets face it, the pop industry is the same as it's always been, She's 21, and from a different generation, and society that David grew up in. I actually like some of her music.

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Most child stars have some sort of drastic change / breakdown or early death.


Judy Garland


Linda Blair

Macaulay Culkin

Britney Spears

Lindsay Lohan


She is just the next... and she wont be the last.

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Little to do with society or community. A lot to do with a free market economy where promotion and marketing is king. She wouldn't sell records or tours if she was a girl with an acoustic guitar, a few purists may like her music and go and see her. Get on the news or in a paper and everyone West of East Bum:censored:ville wants to know more about you.


On a slightly related note, apparently Lost Prophets made over £200k in royalties in the days following the singers sentencing, just from people curious as to what they would sound like as they have never heard of them before so played songs on youtube, spotify etc.

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