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Joe Royle

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I'm off to an event tonight where Joe Royle is the host along with a special guest.I've been asked by the organiser during the Q&A session to ask Big Joe a Latics related question.Being that I'll probably be the only Oldham fan there as it's being held in Southport,can anyone advise me of a suitable question to ask Joe?

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I've been to a few events before similar to the one on Saturday night but can say Joe was one of the better speakers,not because of the Latics connection because he mostly referred to his time with Everton,but he was engaging with the audience and a sharp wit that had them in stitches.

Anyway,I managed to get a couple of questions in to Joe.As for can he see another small town club emulating his success he had at Oldham,it wasn't a no,but it's getting more unlikely to happen each year as the gap widens between the rich and the poor.When I got the chance to speak to him one to one he did say he liked the way we're playing under LJ but on the occasions he'd seen us play this season he'd not seen us win!

I also asked him who was his best signing for Latics.He rattled off several names who were important,Irwin,Warhurst,Jobson,Marshall,mentioning that people don't realize these players all played for several Premier League clubs.He said his best two signings though were Andy Ritchie and Frankie Bunn.What he said was "Your team is only as good as your front two!"

He also said whilst at Oldham he tried to sign Justin Fashanu,which I never knew.After this I left Joe to tuck into his pie and peas!

If anyone gets the chance to see Joe at a similar event I'd recommend going.Very enjoyable and a very dry witted and funny man.

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Read Joe's autobiography recently - a very good read.



I would have loved to know more about the reason he sold off Micky Quinn? What happened to all the money Stott had? Was the non footballing influence of the jokers Ian Marshell and Rick Holden on creating a happy team environment ever given it's true regard?


So many questions. Would love to sit down with Joe (and Jimmy Frizzel) over a very long lunch.

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