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  1. Wish the young lad all the best with his medical condition and good on Fane.
  2. Why are you quoting yourself and referring to yourself as second bestie?
  3. Don't know if it has been fully mentioned but the defence was outstanding, it looks so much more balanced with a natural left back. Gardener and Fane broke up so many attacking moves and although we all got excited by Doyle's return Gardener was my MOTM. Gardeners return to form has coincided with Oldhams return to form.
  4. Brings a tear to the eye that summary - oh the way we just dismissed Liverpool to make it mathematically possible, great memories.
  5. Thought the second half, especially after the subs came on was a very high-quality game. The standard of passing and general skills was championship level.
  6. http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/43273070 Maybe something we could have tried?
  7. Bury are relegated IMO if they lose to us, it should be an awesome game atmosphere wise.
  8. McEleney will be relieved. All the hassle of being signed at Christmas but not being registered to play then getting injured and having to wait for March to make his debut
  9. Have we agreed on McEleney for the goal - I need to see a replay
  10. Good call JoeP, that was a massive effort to get the game on and also adds to our win by preventing a fixture pile up. Rochdale have only played 30 games so far poor buggers.
  11. It took a deflection but I thought it was McEleney - but not 100%
  12. Credit card machine has severe frost damage. The staff have been spilling hot coffee on it all morning to no avail. Seemingly the bank account it was connected to has also been frozen!
  13. We need Roger Palmer's input to answer this .... Allegedly
  14. And in a very connected addition, former goalkeeper David Miskelly has agreed to return to Portadown as Tipton's assistant manager. Seemingly Miskelly played over 400 games for Portadown after leaving us.
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