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  1. 50/1 for the drop with Paddy Power if you reckon there’s a chance we could go down.
  2. I think he’s contracted for another year anyway.
  3. Shoe horning Tasdemir into the starting 11 in a position he doesn’t play isn’t doing us any favours.
  4. Realistically, a top half finish, extend Bam Bam’s contract and clear out the crap ready for the next batch.
  5. Consolation goals or not, he scores goals. Maybe some of them are consolation goals because this team is poor and invariably go behind in most games. What greater contribution has Badan provided?
  6. I’m not sure how you can rate Badan after about 3 cameo appearances at left back, yet haven’t included McAleny as ‘decent’ having scored over a dozen goals in half a season, mostly from out wide.
  7. You spout some horseshit on here, but that’s right up there.
  8. Think we tried to sign Craig Faulconbridge from Wrexham for around £200k.
  9. Indeed. It’s the same anytime a player not heard of signs.
  10. I dread to think how badly overrun in midfield we’d be if we changed to a 4-4-2 formation.
  11. After a wretched start to the season when Rowe wasn’t being picked to start and the recent slump whilst he’s been injured we’ve only had a good run of results coupled with some decent football when Danny has been in the starting 11. HK get him in from the start on Saturday!
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