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Ref today

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I agree the officials were good today Wozzer but the JCH incident was never a penalty in a million years. Massive dive.

I agree he dived Twice in the box and lucky not to be booked. Its getting on my nerves, stay on yer feet boy like Harkins....not convinced he was all the innocent getting that player sent off the other week. Spends more time on his arse.....I am yet to be convinced there is a diamond in the rough.


But it's his first season...hmmmm

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Thought he got sandwiched between 2 defenders and went down legitimately - a lot depends on the angle you see it from I suppose which is why I'm not usually too hard on refs.

This, I certainly don't think he dived, but then again the "sandwich" was the only legitimate reason he had to give the penalty.

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