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I might be more than a bit biased but I think we should be a bit higher, especially given we beat the Champions and took 4 points from the team that finished 2nd that year.


I think we would have been if Sky hadn't shown their usual bias of concentrating on more recent history and more well known Premiership names.

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and perhaps most suprisingly of all.

.....Ian Olney amongst the goals.



Olney scored 13 goals for us in 92/93. Some beauts as well..... check Leeds at Home out! He was unlucky his career was ended the year after by Julian Dicks. He was a decent striker, vastly under rated.

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Good article.


Nice to be mentioned . It was an entertaining team , but nothing like as much as in 89/90 and 90/91 . I felt every game would finish 3-2 in those years.


After figuring out his team are hopeless at defending , Brendan Rogers has created a superb team for the neutral to watch.

They go out to simply outscore the opposition every game , I look forward to any of their games on the TV.

Man City also score lots of goals , but they do prefer the opposition to fall apart before them , any team that gets outworks them and forces them to get out of first gear often gets a result.

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