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Sheff Utd and Bradford

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I fully expect Sheff U to finish in the play-off but suspect that Bradford will miss out. It will be very difficult to concentrate fully on the league with an FA Cup QF on the horizon.


As awful as they are at the moment I still have a sneaky feeling that Posh might go in a run and be well in the mix

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Sheffield will take 5th comfortably, maybe even have a run at automatic.


Dale are out of the race having lost their best player and not strengthened. Now it's between us, Doncaster, Bradford, Peterborough and Chesterfield. Wouldn't write off Scunthorpe either.


I don't think we're good enough to make it. Not consistent enough. Chesterfield are a good side but lost Doyle and seem to be as inconsistent as us. Peterborough are finding form and could be in with a shout - not all seems well at that club though. Bradford have the advantage of that disgraceful pitch - should have points docked for it - and have proved they are capable of competing on two fronts before. Donny are a strange one: mediocre and seem to have gone unnoticed but they're the dark horse for me.


In short, I'd be disappointed to finish below any of the sides mentioned. It's difficult to pick from the selection because they're all pretty average, and certainly not much better than ourselves. Just don't believe we have enough to make it over the line. If I had to pick 6th I'd choose Donny but anyone could take it with a decent run of form and I expect it to go to the last game. It's all a matter of timing from now.

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