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Just read Ian wright spouting on about how spitting is worse thing you can do in sport . Pot and kettle springs to mind because didn't he spit on latics fans back in the day ????

im sure I read it in his autobiography that it was a latics fan that spat at him
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The Arsenal players brought that on themselves, acting like d'heads when they scored at the end of the game - him, Merson and one other in particular (cant remember who it was now - Adams?). That's why they were getting abuse from the paddock. I'm sure I'm right in saying that the woman who was spat on was innocent of any offence? I remember a week or two after Wright said that Oldham fans were the kind of people who still pointed at planes in the sky.

I really can't stand him. All this 'Wrighty isn't he a character" nonsense - he's a brainless div and if it wasnt for his footballing prowess he'd probably be in prison.

He also once spat at a QPR steward. Also a woman as it happens. Classy guy

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