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Consistency The Key For Manager David Dunn

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The problem is that we are not at a level where consistency will do anything other than continue the woeful home form.


What I hope he means is that we will improve our play and then stay awake for 90 minutes. A start would be to drop the plan that the ball is given to James Wilson so he can hoof it upfield - I don't blame James Wilson just the coaching the team has been given.

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Dunn has already achieved consistency - consistently crap at home !!!

Got to play back 4 with Kelly in CENTRAL midfield along with combo 2 of either Fulton/Philli/Winch.

Top 3 of Yeates , Higdon and Poleon who really have to push their defenders back and let them resort to the hoof ball like we do.


The back 4 and midfield should all be 20 yards further up from where they normally start.


Yes some will say - get caught on the break then and lose , but we are doing that anyway so have a bloody go for it.

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We are becoming a laughing stock to away teams at home.They have no fear of not getting a result and tonight was another embarrassment to our fans.This has now reached crisis point and we are so easy to turn over.Our defending and goal keeping are pathetic and testing my faith to the limits.I have supported them home and away regularly for nearly 50 years and will continue to do so but I am now doing so out of blind loyalty certainly not out of enjoyment of attacking,flowing football anymore.

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