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  1. Shocking first half.carlisle should be 4 up. Get Rowe on and Bam. Nearly nicked a goal at the end
  2. Our lot would have been on the pitch like at Chesterfield
  3. Got pelted with coins when Oldham fans went in that side stand next to the open end but had the last laugh on them .
  4. McAleny and Bam stood out .The rest need to take a good look at the contributions..Also Kewell.Why not play Bam from the start. Leaking soft goals for fun and our crossing of the ball is woeful. Thought score flattered us. Our defence was awful. Morecambe were stronger and more organised. I've just had a knee replacement and the only good thing was that the pain was over taken by the pain of watching this crap.
  5. Still too early to want Harry out .Hes been let down by poor finishing.The team is naive but will learn.We need an experienced defender and midfielder.
  6. Very disappointing first half after a promising start. Weust take our chances better second half since Crawley will probably attack at the start hoping to get a killer third and if not park the bus. Great second goal but sloppy first. Yet again we cant hold on to a lead.Pity hit underside of bar just at the end. Lady luck is not with us still hopeful we can get back into this game
  7. Dreadful .Total shambles.No effort no passion no teamwork no tactics no firepower no nothing. And this against another poor side.We will get slaughtered against better teams. Waste of £10.
  8. Typed in my code and pressed submit key but nothings happened.Can anyone help me.Should anything happen after pressing it?
  9. Good signing.Always gives commitment and passion
  10. As always I'm not building my hopes up but will give him a few months to see if any improvement from the past crap
  11. Well done to all involved with Latins in clearing this up
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