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  1. For twenty minutes in the second half we could have blown a 3-0 lead by playing deep and allowing them to attack.Hopefully lessons we be learnt. Good win in the end but too nervy but thought Pidge again led by example.
  2. Great first half for a change with all but Whelan doing well and a couple of poor kick outs from Walker. That bounce routine before we scored was funny to see.
  3. Good.At first I thought he was lightweight and tbh rubbish but after the first few games he has become a must selection.I wish him all the best in his time here.
  4. Just the year I started going to watch Latics after some mates from Glodwick said I was missing a treat with Fryatt and Shaw. I do however remember the Anglo Scottish games with fun against Hearts, St Mirren and Morton in the late 70s.
  5. I agree with most of that but still think Whelan will come good.The last few games before Sat show this.
  6. Gave away 2 very poor goals then left chasing the game.We need that fox in the box as the saying goes
  7. Ffs.Two gifts after some decent play.Need a proper striker to tap in the chances we are creating.. Only got ourselves to blame and again we are our own worst enemies.
  8. They were asking for that.Three times already tippy tappy in defence to a player under pressure
  9. Thought Pidge was again outstanding and Walker had his best game yet.What a fab second goal.Unstoppable. Wish Grant was back since that imposter again did nothing when replacing Dunn. The new lad looked good and nearly scored.A good prospect .Just chuffed for a home win and feel Curles experience at this level is needed.Hope we sign him and give him a chance to sort us out for next season
  10. Would have been criminal to lose that at the very end.We completely outclassed Bradford all the game and our midfield superb with Whelan motm. Defence solid with Piers winning lots of headers. Best game I've seen for a while albeit goalless. Lots of positives to take from this game into the rest of the season. Bet Bradford are glad to see the back of us for a while.
  11. Great first half.Alwsys pressing Bradford and unlucky not to be ahead.
  12. Hope now Curle has seen that we will never ever be a team playing deep to allow teams to get at us and score.Ive lost count over the years of this. There used to be a good Chaddy End chant of ""Attack attack attack attack attack" and that is good advice.
  13. Wigan Bolton,Blackburn Blackpool and Huddersfield all had local born multi millionaires.Compare with our Fred Hall and Jack Shit
  14. We have become a laughing stock to all teams at home and I'm amazed at our away form. Our fans at home games would have booed them off the pitch. I wouldn't renew my st.
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