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Another captain who wears blue and the number 26

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33 minutes ago, TheBigDog said:


Internet Slang - definition.

The Meaning of BOOM

BOOM means "Great, amazing" 


So yeah, really.

Doesn't today though.....really.

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3 minutes ago, singe said:

You don't fool me. 


Your post, before you edited it,  said 

" It did yesterday ^_^ "




Totally out of order on your part singe. I responded to the use of 'today' in the previous post without realising the interpretation or the context. Foolish on my part but that's all.

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I'm sure bigdog meant no harm by it. Let's not overreact. I am as we speak working less than 10 min walk from this atrocity as was I last night as it all went off. It's very sombre today in the city. People are coming together tho in defiance. Let's not start bickering over this on a footy message board. Please 

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