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  1. I was just going off the man himself blowing his own trumpet on his twitter profile
  2. Played over a thousand first team matches tho. Apparently the fifth most of all time.
  3. Can’t see that. Think they’ll try to cash in. What happens to people who’ve already paid to watch the match, via season tickets, if it’s to be behind closed doors ?
  4. Not to name names ? Never heard this before. Probably cos I’d have been about 9 at the time.
  5. Was my favourite player as a kid. Why did he let him go anyway ? Anybody know ?
  6. Never heard the little man in a boat called that before...
  7. If he’s above Purdie that’s me done with the club...
  8. Everyone knows these funny fags are now referred to as pot...
  9. One of them is keeping people in their houses and killing all hope. The other is a nasty virus...
  10. I’d be quite happy for rugby to NEVER come back tbh. Shit sport.
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