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Penalty Retake - Harsh!


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Must of come off his line a yard and nothing that would make you think that Crossley was cheating. The linesman actually gave it not the ref I think? Good angle this video from behind the goal.


Harsh! that is an absolute travesty! Oh my god, when we we get a decent ref... and a change of luck....


and.. the lino came over to our end to check the nets for the second half, and claimed it wasnt him who ordered the retake... but the ref...


1-0 to the bloomin referee....

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it was hard to see from the other end of the pitch, but you could tell by the reaction of the players that it was a bad decision


Agree with that Tommy, but when did you last see a keeper NOT move a couple of feet or so? Maybe Mr Drysdale didn't want Townsend to be embarrassed by his failure to beat one legged goalkeeper, so aimed at his own foot and hit with unerring accuracy, thus embarrassng himself. :angry:


I've got 15 year old nephew who refs in Portsmouth and, judging by current League 1 standards, he's got bright future. :rant.sml:

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