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  1. AL can do what he wants in my eyes, he has no feeling for the fans whatsoever. He appears to have some money of his own (at the moment) so the world is his oyster, I'm sorry to say. Living 130 miles away from Oldham as I do is a pain but I feel for all the fans still going to the games especially the ones that have been moved from the North stand. This goes to show the boards contempt for us, the fans.
  2. This topic is headed "Transfer Rumours" but it appears to have swerved off to anything but TR. I don't post much but read a lot from afar (Worcester) but the forever bickering between fellow supporters is becoming very tedious. It appears to be all oneupmanship to me........
  3. But is there any news on possible new recruits to be very boring!!!!!!!!
  4. https://www.drumone.co.uk Has a big drum shop in Manchester.
  5. It would appear to me if he can't own the North Stand at his price (that is), whoever owns gets no revenue from him, so forcing them out. Why would you own something to lose money maybe he's trying to smoke the FLG out, just a thought.
  6. I think I'm going to enter and also make a donation at the same time to OWTB. I've no idea how the prediction league works but any help that can be given to a 68x year old Latic fanatic will gladly be appreciated. Lofty
  7. I need some help in getting tickets for FGR on Saturday, OAFCBilly can you help please? I'm trying to get 2x OAP tickets in the covered seats area, but on the website it says there is non available. I also need them posting to my home address in Worcester as I'm away on holiday in Dorset until Friday. Any help will be appreciated. Lofty
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