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  1. Anybody streaming this game and I'm willing to share the cost, as I'm Worcester today?
  2. Anybody streaming the game tonight, or is it anywhere on the net, Thanks.
  3. Paul Scholes to be announced as manager after game on Saturday night with Mick Priest as his assistant. See here for more information, Mike Keegan. Don't shoot the messenger, please.
  4. Underdog, of course it will, I'll try and message you before then.
  5. Underdog, I have been trying to send you a PM, but it says you can't or won't accept personal messages. I'd like to make you an offer about help, you can contact me on here or Email me at ian@pcassist.co.uk Regards Ian Gardner
  6. underdog, I have some time on my hands now I'm retired, but I do live in Worcester and only get up to Manchester/Oldham possibly once a month. As you can see from my user name I ran my own computer business for over 20+ years, if you need any help...…...
  7. Doesn't appear so, if you click on the link it says not available in this country.
  8. Could I not suggest numbers previously have been hidden to allow money to be moved about and not shown, just a thought.
  9. He did break Fane's leg and today been told at the game in the OEC not in tackle, well I would have sacked him on the spot if that was the case and involve the police. Don't shoot the messenger ?? OK
  10. Well it appears I called this one correct, I'm not ITK just a guess on my part reading Bunn's reply's about "Byrne not leaving the club until the window closes". Good luck Jack, you might have to get a proper job now, or all change in January. See yeh………….
  11. Conspiracy theory from me, is it going to be stalemate until the window closes and then Latics pay him off, so he can't get a club until January. Just a thought to really wind Byrne up and make him realise he's not the biggest fish in the sea.......
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