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  1. Big Jim scored the only goal in my first ever Latics match v Chesterfield in 1969-70 season RIP Jim
  2. I have taken the advice altered my daily life and am social isolating so why call me a fool?
  3. I have never said that it was an overreaction and people should ignore advice, I am social distancing and think the idiots that aren't should be made to realize what harm they are doing!
  4. I do appreciate that, the point I was trying to make is not to take the figure in isolation!
  5. At last someone talking common sense, you live up to your username Wiseowl ! People need to think about the context when giving figures, as you say 20,000 deaths is not something to frighten us it is somewhat of an improvement on usual annual totals. It will be interesting to see how many people die in UK in March 2020 as opposed to March 2019, I suspect it will not be significantly more? The media is sensationalising this, I don't remember panic buying because of the flu !!
  6. I was at the Sheff Utd away game and think we conceded? This was all the more remarkable given our terrible record there before (and since) !
  7. Think they might be the one team we end up finishing above !
  8. Sorry didn't make it clear - it appeared at first no contact
  9. Correct I was in North Stand right in front of incident and no one touched McGrangles. According to my brother and nephew who were at match (MK Dons season ticket holders) he had facial injury due to earlier challenge and then was confused. They were not impressed that we booed him but didn't know how serious it was did we? As earlier poster says they were going down all the time once went 2-0 up
  10. I'm on the Wirral as well - thought I would be the only one (am in Heswall)
  11. As a Latics fan living on Wirral made my season too ! Puts our own poor season into perspective, so let's stop all the moaning. Fair play to Ronnie Moore, how ironic his team sent them down
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