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  1. Certainly not I should have perhaps said "best" player - in comparison with the rest of the team at the time!
  2. With us coming up against Danny Rowe after his great performance in the Cup a few months ago got me thinking who we have lost to rivals on basis of a recent performance against them? Stainrod to QPR and Young to Leicester immediately spring to my mind
  3. Agree Stainrod even better than Groves. Remember him scoring a fantastic goal at home against Preston too. What an entertainer
  4. Remember Alan Groves sitting the the ball to taunt defender in one match or having rounded one went back and did it again. Would never happen now (or is it just rose tinted glasses?)
  5. Stainrod and Groves two of my three favourite ever Latics players, what entertainers they both were (Andy Ritchie was of course the third)
  6. Is that 8 consecutive away wins in all competitions now ?
  7. Was at Bramall Lane for the 5-0 all the more remarkable given our terrible record there.
  8. They lost at home to Mansfield on Wednesday which I don't know is a good omen for us or not?
  9. First time seen this season and agree with all the above. Grant and Gage had really good games, Rowe should always start. Hope Barnett doesn't start many as he was terrible when he came on. Given some of the results and scrape through by league sides (MK Dons, Crawley and Carlisle) think we did pretty well overall.
  10. That's a shame. Marine are the team my Dad supported and I've been to Rossett Park a few times since he passed away. He is mentioned in the 125 year anniversary book. I thought living in Liverpool City Region I would be able to go if we drew them away. Think Marine would be favourites
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