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  1. It's here... https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/july/17072019-club-statement/
  2. No doubt there will be an Abdallah statement coming out tonight...
  3. Been looking forward to this for a while. Get yourself down there Kow. You can explain to the FLG (who you know nothing about, so you said) that you don't like one of their members...
  4. We are trying to do a loan for a Championship striker...
  5. Which is why he is cutting off his nose to spite his face by closing the stand for the Rochdale and Bolton games, the daft twonk...
  6. Hardly a criticism of me - I've got nowt to do with the FLG...
  7. I thought Corney always accepted the first bid we got offered for any player? Sure that's what people were saying during the GE transfer saga. On Taylor, he's been told by Bowyer that they need to get rid of players before they can make him an offer. Bury are interested. He would be open to coming here, but his preference would be to work with Bowyer again...
  8. Think they're the lads that ML got to float crosses in for him on Little Wembley so he could score some volleys...
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