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  1. Add Fulham bids for Carl Winchester and Dave Mellor, and Scunthorpe's bid for Peter Clarke in the January of 2017...
  2. I don't think his work at Macc should be underestimated. He's done a brilliant job there and, of all the names mentioned, he would have been my preferred choice. I agree with the sentiments of many, though, that he comes across as a complete bell end. What did Jordan say about him...?
  3. On the "for a change" part of your post - early in Corney's reign (like AL is now), we rejected substantial bids for Chris Taylor, Chris Porter and Lee Hughes, whilst also managing to get Preston to pay 500k for Trotman. Granted, towards the end of his reign, he was allowing his belly to be tickled and selling players off willy nilly, but it wasn't always the case...
  4. I am told (again, may or may not be right) that it’s because he has paid no attention to ground safety and health and safety as he didn’t pay the last lad doing it. So the council summoned him to a meeting and he was forced to put a plan in place and is paying someone to qualify to and become ground manager. All his own doing...
  5. It has been known by some for quite some time, yet Billy still told us we were at full capacity...
  6. Whichever team I'm managing on Football Manager...
  7. If we're negotiating with Rangers over Edmundson, I hope we are trying to get them over for a friendly...
  8. I was told (don't know how true it is) that BB and ML are recruiting...
  9. Hi @OAFCBilly - are we still working on normal capacity...?
  10. Slovenian 2nd div striker coming in over the next couple of weeks...
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