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  1. Where's this about Harry Robinson come from? He made one appearance as a 90th minute substitute against Notts County. From what I recall, he actually showed a couple of decent touches and played a nice cross field ball. "blooded him". "way out of his depth". "out-muscled".
  2. A lot of people underestimating Wheater's importance, I fear. Few games of Egert and Iacovitti at centre-half should be enough to remind people, though...
  3. Dino obviously keen to keep the opposition N'Guessan...
  4. But he hasn't... McCann did. And he's comfortably our best player.
  5. Doesn't do much for their credibility when the very first sentence of the Executive Summary doesn't make any sense... The last paragraph of the report also refers to someone called "Bill Shanky"...? Do people not proof-read these things?!
  6. A decent result, achieved in the most frustrating way possible. We're getting there, though. Much less concerned about relegation than I was three weeks ago...
  7. How can you possibly make a statement like "the current media team are severely lacking in any quality compared to other league clubs" if you don't even study the media output of other league clubs...? For what it's worth, I think the media team do a pretty decent job for a club / organisation of our size. Twitter communication and the professionalism of e.g. graphics used is considerably better than it was a few years ago, and thought the content from Morocco in particular was great.
  8. Willy Gros on the bench for Madagascar as they make it through to the Quarter Finals of the Africa Cup of Nations. They beat DR Congo in the Round of 16, having already beaten Nigeria in the group stage.
  9. Clearly not fit, so hopefully he'll improve with game time. You have to question the manager's logic for leaving him on for the full 90 though...
  10. He's a bit of a Football League legend isn't he? 700+ games and counting and player of the season at five different clubs. Seems a thoroughly decent chap too. Happy Birthday, fella.
  11. "League Two footballer commits minor motoring offence and receives unremarkable fine". Hold the front page...
  12. Bobby Reid (remember him?) is currently the top scorer in the Championship...
  13. Clark has previous for that... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/36619171
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