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  1. Well, you'll find out for sure soon enough. Something to look forward to eh.
  2. Well off the top of my head... Southend Cambridge Forest Green Harrogate Barrow Newport Carlisle Colchester Mansfield Bradford Scunthorpe Port Vale
  3. Surely we play in red for every away game where it doesn't clash...?
  4. You're right. There are few things I miss more than Maouche's biannual assist
  5. This is why I'm torn. I've always said managers should be given a chance - and resent the fact that we seem to change ours every three weeks - but I have absolutely no confidence in Kewell's ability. Nothing he's said or done so far has done anything to persuade me he's the right man for the job. At this stage I still think he should be given the opportunity to prove me wrong, though.
  6. 3-0 flattered us. Lawlor comes out with some credit. Rowe wasn't dreadful. Whelan at least looks to be trying, but gave the ball away and got caught in possession far too often, as did Garrity. That midfield terrifies me.
  7. Well McAleny played 17 and CBJ 9 for a start, so think you need to check your sums...
  8. Some interesting player ratings from the former Oldham Times / Chron sports reporter here: 7 out of 10 for the "worst passer of the ball ever seen at BP".... (I'll admit that seems very generous) Think 4 for Hamer is a bit harsh!
  9. I thought he had a poor game. I think "beyond terrible" is an over-reaction.
  10. Some pretty hyperbolic reactions on here... No individual performances were great. None were terrible. Overall, we were mediocre. So were Leyton Orient. Didn't deserve to lose. Didn't deserve to win. 0-0 would've been fair.
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