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  1. David Shaw by a mile, country or otherwise....closely followed by Steve Taylor
  2. It is absolutely dreadful at the moment and should not have been posted until it had been completed. Draft, test, trial, redraft, test, trial, test, trial until agree, Go Live. Steve, will be back in UK for Christmas and the Donny game. Would be good to catch up with you and Donkersley!
  3. Like putting a pontefract cake in a cigarette machine.... Never mind Palace, yes, they look 13 and like they have been plucked off a Camden housing estate; Introducing the Manly Seabirds. Toned, tanned and twenty three! Hate the game, hate Manly, but these alone are worth a Foxtel subscription!
  4. Knot in a million years wood I do that! Goes against the grain!
  5. As a twist on the Friday boredom thing: Any Era, any nationality. Shirt Numbers only. Should keep us busy until August........
  6. 1. Andy Goram 2. Denis Irwin 3. Maurice Whittle 4. Ronnie Blair (capt) 5. Paul Futcher 6. Richard Jobson 7. Roger Palmer 8. Andy Ritchie 9. Alan Young 10. Simon Stainrod 11. Alan Groves Sharp didnt even come close to Young and was not fit to lace his boots. In fact, if I was Alan Young, the last thing I would trust Sharp with would be my laces
  7. Having said that, I wouldnt have moved to Australia and dined out on the ashes for the last 18 months! He is still a :censored: though!
  8. Still, Graeme fecking Sharp! None of the above would have happened and we would have won the Champions League on penalties last week! Blue Fecking Kipper my arse
  9. However many teams there are, its freaking cold....it was warmer at the hockey game....great atmosphere
  10. And he still missed that open fekking goal at Wembley from two yards out when we were 1-0 up the :censored:. For me, the single most disastrous event in Latics history, no matter how many years you go back. When I look at my avatar, I think why? why? Then it hits me; Graeme fecking Sharp, that's why!
  11. DAMMIT! Not even my go but spot on mate. I went to a Hockey game against the Canucks a few years ago at the saddledome. Awesome City. You can see the stadium from the nearby baseball field
  12. Correct Rudemedic! One of the best stadia I have ever been to
  13. I am sure that I have seen this in Webster's...... By definition: Manchester: A small city near the Lancashire town of Oldham.
  14. First "live" viewed game in 12 years (Setanta). Funny how Player was 5 seconds in front! Fantastic performance. Brilliant goal. Dodgy Pen and the Latics fans gave me goose bumps. Scoreline flattered them immensley. My Aussie wife thinks I am nuts......but you got hammered darling. She has no idea. Will be back home for Wembley!
  15. Dave, pretty please can you send me the link mate? Cheers Jeff
  16. I know what you mean about the adverts.....I get all the Aussie ones whenever I go on. It would appear that I can never escape KFC's cricket Australia sponsorship. Its not Football, its not England and it makes me dislike them even more!
  17. You just concentrate on keeping hold of your jacket Ste !!
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