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  1. In the event that I may 1 day become famous, please can I ask OAFCProzac to be my Biographer?! You have succinctly illustrated almost all of my life. Super Stuff!
  2. Heading there too mate. See you there.
  3. Andy, me and Sniffer are jumping on the 12.02 from Swindon to Temple Meads from Paddington. We will head for Sportsman. Hope to see you there.
  4. Merlin, 12.30 onwards....Happy Birthday Andy!
  5. His "game" last night was a few minutes at the end. His remit would almost certainly have been to defend from the top and help out when we have a corner against us. Unfair to consider that a "game" for a striker. We really shouldn't count last night as "another game without a goal" for Cassidy.
  6. Totally unnecessary negative swipe at a good squad player as we try to rebuild a positive team based approach. Chapeau. Sounded like Jake defended well for the cause and the team when he came on for the final few last night.
  7. Absolutely. Don't forget the timing of some of those goals and assists either - Swindon, Chesterfield and Coventry. I know we are in a mess but where would we be without those vital late strikes when most had given up?
  8. Meeting Sniffer in The Merlin at 6 if you make it Andy....
  9. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday. I get in around midday to Birmingham, Olly Senior and Junior around about the same time. Sniffer is also travelling.
  10. Thank God someone else noticed the most notable absentee from these lists. Neil Adams, for what he did for Latics ( sorry he hasn't a Champion's League medal ), was by far our greatest loan signing. In fact he is the only one that I can remember the Chaddy urging Joe to sign him permanently with "Sign Neil Adams" being a regular chant during his loan spell. Now try to stop picturing THAT goal Vs West Ham....
  11. I am reassured by the fact that I thought that Sadler came across as an amiable, reasonably intelligent lad and that the OP reached his own conclusions.
  12. Apologies for cack handed posts Stargazer! You get my drift hopefully!
  13. Haha!! That is the funniest thing I have read throughout all of this!!
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