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  1. That photo's definitely Pete Mason, Latics fan.
  2. I read, but very rarely post. I got sick of the repetitive rantings of 0000 with his constant promises to leave, so I blocked him. I also soon tired of McFluff and did the same with him. Now the only way that I can see his tiresome trolling is if anyone replies to one of his fishing expeditions. It's a shame as their antics ruin the other genuine posters' posts, but unfortunately some constantly bite. A simple act, but effective. Don't feed the troll.
  3. When I joined the old JK Latics years ago I was stuck for a username. Staring out of the window while trying to think of one I could see the two Tamar bridges here in Saltash, Hence the name, I was too bone idle to think of anything else.
  4. :censored:, Beasley Street, Beasley Boulevard and I wanna be yours. Excellent. "Like a death at a birthday party, you ruin all the fun. Like a sucked out Smartie, you're no use to anyone....... You went to a progressive psychiatrist, he recommended suicide; before scratching your name off his list and pointing the way outside." Just spent the last 2 hours listening to his stuff entirely due to this thread.
  5. Perhaps not. http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/Making-Curtis-Nelson-captain-benefit-game-says/story-21657311-detail/story.html
  6. I sat and watched from the start to the very end. What a show that was put on for the world to see, The scenery and atmosphere were superb. You always get a few dickheads at any major occasion, but with the selfie generation, I wouldn't expect anything else. Geraint Thomas said that it's the new pain-in-the arse with people getting in the way and taking selfies. We both remarked that in very few places there wasn't a crowd, and the noise all the way round was constant. People really made an effort for the Tour, and they can be proud of those 2 days. It was fantastic to show that not ev
  7. I agree with every word of that, Cancellara really did cause panic in the trains that were cranking up, reminded me of when Renshaw did his headbutting at the finish. Cavendish is riding a Specialised/Lotus frame, £16,000 worth in the same colour as his Lotus car. Breaks my heart to see that hit the deck, can't forgive him for that. But very well done to Kittel despite all of his complaining of the route beforehand, there's a 30% gradient before Sheffield tomorrow, isn't there? The whole stage today was magnificent, the scenery and crowds were just brilliant. It was like Alpe d'hue
  8. Quintana's not supposed to be riding, it was said that he's riding next year's tour after winning the Giro. His disputed but brilliant ride down the Stelvio assured him of the win despite his bad chest in the first week. After watching Froome and Contador in the Dauphiné Libéré, my money's on Contador. Froome's had to withdraw from Tirreno Adricatco with a back problem, nissing Liege-Bastogne-Liege with a chest infection and doing his usual of falling off his bike through a lack of concentration during the Dauphiné that left him feeling battered and bruised. Contador hasn't finished less t
  9. Regarding the queue for tickets, what's the weather like up there? 80 mile an hour winds and rain here, hope it's not that bad out there for them. Hasn't stopped 3 idiots fishing on the Tamar though.
  10. Regarding Argyle's new stand, they're supposed to be starting demolition/building tomorrow. From conception to build start in little over a year, and James Brent (Argyle owner and developer who owns the Akkeron group) reckons they'll have the stand done within a year, and the rest within 2 years. It'll have a new stand with 380 underground parking spaces, and next to it a hotel, Imax cinema, skating rink and shops and restaurants. The skating rink is being built as Brent's bought the one at the Pavilions, and is demolishing it and redeveloping the area. It'll also have seating for 2,500.
  11. Rick Holden's also got 2 degrees; Human Movement and Physiotherapy.
  12. Sorry, but I gave up at the lolz and douchebags. Must be an age thing.
  13. I haven't seen a stage like that for ages. I expected yet another breakaway that would be wound in, but as you say, Saxo Bank played a blinder. Contador said that he was waiting to hit top form in the third week, watch them turn the screw on Froome in the mountains, especially if Belkin decide to get invloved as well. Froome looks absolutely knackered. If he manages to win this tour, he really does deserve it.
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