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  1. Dont give a :censored: if im missed £49, + what I spend in the ground home games and not missed an away for 2 years tbh dont give a :censored: what half you muppets say cos you dont go week in week out you melts, Im one of several thousand who have jacked it in the last few years if you wanna blame me im cool with that if you think the way the club is being run is fine fill your boots cos ive had enough of the clueless :censored: who call themselves our leaders, keep payin your money they will keep takin the piss. Cheerio
  2. Terrible attitude ? To be honest I dont give a :censored:, half them muppets not even fit to wear the shirt, carry on happy clapping that club have had my last penny, and by that I mean three of us, you get all the :censored: on here telling us how lucky we are to have a club, well I tell you something Corney is :censored:ing every one of you up the arse bone dry, thats it from me I cant take another minute of that sub standard :censored:e, lets hope 43 points is enough to keep you up because that bunch of :censored:houses wont get you 10 more, as for golden bollocks Philliskirk what a :censor
  3. After earlier defeats this season I threatened not to go but after leaving after 70 mins of that :censored:e today thats it for me, fill your boots slagging me off but after 2 years including friendlies of not missing a game Ive had enough, :censored: YOU CORNEY you waste of space, you dont deserve the fans you still have you :censored:wit.
  4. Could this be a flaw in his character, failing to take responsibility ? May be a reason for the players turning against him in December when he hang them out to dry ? He always seemed clever at deflecting blame away from himself.
  5. My cousin put in £200 and he is a diehard Latics fan, there isnt anyone forward thinking enough at OAFC to even try and engage with the fans never mind the community, in any case there is so much apathy towards the club and how its run I'm not sure anyone would buy into it, Its a sad reflection that a club with only 10 years of history can put a lot of lower league clubs to shame with their structure, they currently have a few thousand share holders who all have equal voting rights each with one vote, its a business model that appeals to me and the club with its community roots in Moston is on
  6. I agree with most of what your saying but as a business OAFC have around 3000 very loyal paying customers, if they dont want to keep them in the loop Im fine with that but dont complain when they become disenchanted and walk away, many have done already and after this seasons debacle more will follow, any business worth their salt wouldnt fail to consider the views of its paying customers in the way OAFC have done this season, if the board are running the club with their own interests at heart fine but they are playing a dangerous game.
  7. Warburton is third favourite for the vacant managers job can anybody clarify if thats Mark or Jenny then.
  8. Certainly players to build a team around for a new manager.
  9. Potentially top end of the Championship, on their day Mills, Wilson, Jones and Winchester could all make the step up as well all they need to add is a little more consistency.
  10. Kelly is one of few players in that squad who will play at a much higher level its only fair that he gives his all to us whilst he is here and I'm sure he will, as the team seems to tick when he is on song its imperative he shows some leadership and turns up on Sarurday.
  11. Dont think even this board would dare sell any of this squad especially to Barnsley, Kelly is club captain, probably on a fair wage and is contracted to the club for another 2 1/2 years, if they give him away we may as all give up.
  12. Ask Scholes to come in a couple of days a week and take it from there, it would at least give the squad a lift, players like Wilkinson, Philliskirk and Winchester would really benefit from having him around, would Simon ask him though ?
  13. Correct not that many moons ago we would take more fans than they had in there own ends, sadly even clubs like Barnsley are now leaving us behind.
  14. Its a fair question and one many fans will be wanting answers to.
  15. Be nice if Corney or the club came out and let everyone know what really went on but I suspect the little snake has had some sort of confidentiality agreement put into the deal.
  16. Whilst a lot of what Ive said is unlikely, after the Barnsley defeat he went to great lengths to tell us about what a great club they are, even going as far to tell us where they ranked in the League 1 pay league its obvious to me somebody had caught his ear there and he liked what he had heard, its probably part of the reason he wasnt as hard on the players post match Colchester and Orient because he knew he hadnt focussed on those games as he should, it appears now all his efforts went into engineering his move away, which given our position after the Swindon game is shocking, it just shows
  17. Makes you wonder whether he knew pre Colchester, the fallout from that game may in the long run hurt us the most, after going behind so early in the game to continue to play such a negative defensive formation was mystifying and not for the first time this season the manager in my opinion set us up to fail, at the time it just appeared strange but as things have transpired it does make you wonder.
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