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  1. Class. Well done DV and mega service from Billy aswell, like others have said.. above and beyond!
  2. Exeter booked. Didn’t think I’d be saying that a few week ago. Start of the season I was well up for this fixture, then the events unfolded and I lost interest massively. Didn’t attend on Saturday despite being a season ticket holder. I ain’t renewing next year as it stands with the owners shenanigans (I know everyone has their own opinion on what’s best to do but I’ve decided to take a step back from home games and attend away) I went for drinks in town instead for a bank holiday thinking the game would be a bit of a dead rubber and we’d get rolled 2-0, ended up watching the secon
  3. Haha brilliant. Yes, anybody that would like a glance over some of the results/discussion aspects of my dissertation regarding the findings and analysis of data im more than happy to do so. It’ll be around the start of May, I’ve noted down those who have already got in touch with me to then provide them with this info - Singe and Maddog I’ll add you to that list, if anybody else would like to don’t hesitate to get in touch either on my email if you participated, or on this via PM.
  4. 348 responses, finished. Thanks Stevie and OWTB community for any help you gave! Well above and surpassed my aim for 200.
  5. We have well over 300 responses now. Thanks all Will have a final update when I close off responses tomorrow evening.
  6. Love that, thanks Singe... the Oldham lot are fantastic aren't they. 293 responses now, cant thank you all enough
  7. Thanks all! Really appreciate it Blown away by the tesponses, currently at 262 responses, after a day and was hoping for 200 by the week. If we could get 300 that would be mega... ask around and see if your group of Oldham friends have completed. Thanks again, all.
  8. I intended originally to get 200, and would close it after a week due to short period of time that the dissertation is due etc  Currently at 233 responses in less than a day. The more responses the better, I can then analyse the data and present back to the club if they wish to do so (which by all accounts they are up for). Cheers for your help Stevie, hopefully we can bump those numbers up. The data is widespread and very representative of our fan base already so all is looking positive.
  9. Not sure, presumably it has gone through - however, data is anonymous so not able to decipher who has completed and who hasn't. Thanks Disjointed!
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