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non league players who made it?

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How many players can you think of who have made the step up from non-league to a higher level? There must loads, but my brain is on holiday. The one that stands out for me is Mark Ward. Yes, he turned out to be a bad 'un, but at the time he cost £10,000 from Northwich and is one of the best right sided players we've had. Wayne Andrews. Fitz Hall (i think). Can't remember - too many fried brain cells.

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Tony Ellis thanks to kirinclassic.


The Football league is littered with ex non league players, just look at the goalscorers week in week out and check their backgrounds.

What annoys me is this season Latics haven't given any a trial when they have been running a very weak reserve team.

There are plenty of Chris Waddle's, Les Ferdinand's, Ian Wright's and Stuart Pearce's still out there, they just need to be found and given a chance.

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Neil Adams played for us in 3 different decades...how interesting.


Andy Ritchie did too.....the following being his only ever appearance (6 minutes of it) in the "Noughties!"



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