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The Geordie Fun Factory rolls on

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Some welcome clarity and harmony at Newcastle.


"I don't know the outcome of those. I haven't got a timescale on it, so I don't really know what the outcome is.

"As for who they are, what they are and when it will happen, there is no timescale on it."




"I will be taking in as many of those international matches as I can, so that I will have a hit list of players if I am still here in January.”


The words every Newcastle fan wanted to hear.



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This was the start as he walked in the room


JK Which one is Simon Bird [Daily Mirror's north-east football writer]?


SB Me.


JK You're a c**t.


SB Thank you.


It could have only been bettered had Kinnear turned round and walked back out :lol:

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Man alive! I've just spat tea all over the desktop. That transcript is right up there alongside Monty Pythons' Parrot Sketch.


Just for those who missed the link on that page, check this out - When Managers Go Mad Top 10 Moments.


Just scroll down to Neil Warnock - it's absolute class, a young Lee Dux getting a b*****king - and I think Ronnie Jepson scored for 'udders that day.



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