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im sorry but a 35 yard strike- yes he should have been closed down but seriously that was a lame attempt to save a shot Fleming step up.

Im annoyed that people travel down on a tuesday night to watch that the only positive thing was smalley last night


I'm a bit of a neutral where Crossley is concerned, not really too bothered either way. But having just seen the goals on SSN. It did look as though he could have done better. It appeared he was going the wrong way at first then corrected himself, got his hands to it, but couldn't get enough behind it. Would Fleming have done better being younger and presumably fitter? Probably.


Crossley has saved us many times since he's been a Latics player, but by the same token, he's also cost us a fair few goals aswell.


On balance, I'd like to see Fleming given a stint. Only just though.....

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of course every game mate, look i dont wanna argue pointless i think he was at fault some people dont there you go roll on saturday!!!!



good point we all have our own views on it.


personally i think he did well to get a hand on it just unlucky.. good strike by lambert to.

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the first gol is an error, but fair enough everyone makes mistakes. the second gol is a major failing that has been evident for a long, long time.

the worry i have is that my admitedly limited viewings of flemming dont show any command of the vital ten yard square, and as crossley is sh!t hot on shot stopping, how and when should flemming step up? in july i said 'around november time' but that was when i was hoping he was some form of gaelic catcher. in fact i still am..

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I didn't go last night but have been to the majority of games, I said before the season that i would like to see him got to number 2 - I agree that Crossley has beeen a great keeper for us and in games this year has looked good but he just makes to many mistakes, i can think of 5 goals off hand i would question his or not wether he should've kept them out, I like Crossley and think he can still do a job but Shez has got to put friendship aside and give fleming a chance, who's to say if our defensive performances had of been worse he could've made more mistakes, Im not jumping on any bandwaggon but i reckon a back seats needed for a bit

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