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Black in Mourning

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I can belive how this story has been turned into a joke


I think you meant 'can't' Razza but I can, from the moment the BBC journalist thought of a headline including the words' footballer, tribute and model' he must have been wetting himself.

Pity the poor lass wasn't a royal and he would have been on a bonus.

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It speaks volumes about the state of our society that she's more newsworthy for having 'famous' (if you can call PB that) friends than for the fact she's been tragically killed at such a young age.


In the US a singer tragically loses her family - and its all over the news as an 'entertainment' story - yet not one story I've seen covers the issue of the hundreds of black-on-black murders every year.


News media is what it is, a bastardisation of entertainment and a lynch mob!

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I considered whether this was in bad taste, but decided nobody would take it like that. It was just my way of highlighting Paul Black making the the top paragraphs of a Times article.


I took it that the expression of concern about Paul Black 'facebooking' this morning in the form of typing “r.i.p. x”, when he should be out regaining fitness, must be a :whoosh: !

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