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things getting hot at boundary park

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just seen two fire engines scream down to latics wonder who shez was roasting to trip the fire alarms lol

They will be there to assist in rescuing Simon Corney from the top of number 3 floodlight where he fled to escape the wrath of Tommy Wright I suspect.


Or Andy Gorton is back, and up to his old tricks :lol:

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The latest striker whom we are trying to sign was so desperate to escape BP at the point of signing, that he set off the fire alarms as a diversion for his escape...


Heres a question.... now Donny know we are interested in signing Byfield, I wonder if they will make a last minute bid for him for the hell of it, forgetting he is actually their player???

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Probably there to pick up all the toys on the main stand roof that have been thrown from many prams in the last few weeks :grin:


I feel the need to add RoytonBlueLad's response to my reqest for jokes on the 'Doom and Gloom' thread, where the Boundary Park fire engines were first mentioned. By me. Not that I get bitter over such things :angry::wink:

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