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Balls to Lordy, i want it.


There has got to be a special award for someone who turns up every week to watch his favourite team even though he knows full well he cant actually see the game and is solely there to let kids kick seven shades out of him for comedy value. :blush:


I'll vote for you Chaddy...if only because it was a privilege to have a six foot owl jump into the terraces at Peterborough and mock me by standing next to me and copying my staring straight, arms crossed stance before the game.


Dream come true :grin:

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Ah was that you? :grin:


I was in a VERY daft mood that day, you took it well and didnt banjo me so alls well that ends well ^_^


I was going to introduce myself, but it didn't seem worth the one sided conversation :unsure:


As I said, an honour and a privelege :grin:

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