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this will go down well with the women


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I actually remember the original study 10 years ago, as I was going to forward a news story about it to a female colleague (in whose happiness I occasionally played a part). Only I had just added a new client contact to my address book and had picked her name instead. I spotted it as my finger was pressed on the mouse to send, and spent the next 30 minutes holding it there unsure if I could stop it going, whether I should pull wires out, call her in advance or just resign.

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Eventually got the courage to let the button go, with the client-bird's number dialled into the phone in case it appeared in my outbox. I think I may have gone immediately to the pub for a stiffener in those more enlightened working days. The chap on the right below knows how I felt.



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Reminds me of the time I got a bollocking at work due to some lass sending a bunch of filthy jokes through by email. Due to the autocomplete, she just typed in Mark L and let it do its stuff (along with a few other names, so I wasn't the only one). Sadly there were two Mark Ls. Me and the Chief Executive.


What pissed me off most is I never got to see the jokes.

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