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who went scunny

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First 30 mins we got battered down their left hand side, we simply didnt do the basics. Set up 442 Baxter just off smith. When montano came off and got replaced by mchangama we woke up and looked hungry. Should of been atleast 3-2 to us smith missed two straight forward headers at ht. Again we were in control till wes got sent off. Sending off looked harsh from where we were sat. And finally it was freezing!!!!

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Just got back to my dads. Two poor sides - they started much brighter and apart from the goals had the one cleared off the line (over according to Laws) and a couple of saves from boozy. Their second seemed to wake us up and it was all us for te rest of the half. Their defence looked very poor and they were nervous every time the ball came near. Looked like we'd equalise before half time.


Second half was a bit flatter - thought we'd come roaring out but both teams seemed poor. Penalty seemed to come out of nothing. Nice chip again from Jose. Red card seemed harsh. Laws said on the radio it was harsh and that it was the 4th official who gave it. After that we pretty much have up on winning it.


Overall pretty poor apart from the decent bit at the end of the first half. Jose tried hard but too often went for the audacious, probably due to lack of options in front of him. Smith started poorly but got better, winning lots in the air. Wabara was threatening going forward and monty had a good 5 mins before going off injured. Furman was pap again.

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Good character to fight back - it looked like their heads were going to drop at 2-0.

The enforced substitution did appear to help us.

We basically realised we could just play route one to Smith and press, to get chances. They struggled to handle him. He was fouled a lot with nothing given, but that was maybe accounted for with the award of a soft penalty.

The first 20 min our shape as a team was poor. Every time they switched the ball from wing to wing, they ended up with 2 on 1. When we switched play by contrast, it was always 1 versus 2, as our full-backs usually weren't high in support! Similarly, when, say, Croft did get the ball and was faced with two opponents, there wasn't a centre-forward running the channels to create many options - so, a few bright moves apart, our passing game didn't really have any end product. Hence, the move to going more direct to Smith.

I did see Wes flick out in frustration. Harsh red maybe, but why give them the option. Our terrible discipline continues! Also, if the fourth official did give it - maybe that shows that the manager abusing him all game can backfire!!

The red card killed it. 11 V 11 I think we would have won. We were dominant between pulling the first goal back and the red.

Typical of us to shoot ourselves in the foot I guess... But at least we've stopped the losing run.

Good to see Winchester get a run out but it smacked of a negative substitution. They were shaky and beatable despite an extra man. We invited them on to us, but thankfully they weren't good enough to capitalise.

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We started shockingly and looked like we were going to face a hiding. Aside from the goals, they hit the crossbar and needed a Bouzy tip over from a breakaway during which Baxter completely failed to track back after ballsing up a free kick. Bouzy raced of his line to rightly berate Jose for that one.


As soon as we scored, they panicked and we were immediately the more likely winners. They were poor, we weren't amazing but we showed at least some decent spirit to get something out of the game and I'm sure we'd have won with 11 on the pitch. Thought Matt Smith was great today and did the job that someone with him frame should be doing. Didn't give their defenders a minute, barely lost a header with great flick-ons. If someone could take advantage of them, we'd be fine. Came away cold but in no way disheartened.

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First time I've been for a while (Bournemouth doesn't count as I was 'loser pissed'). If that's what is accepted as a 'great performance', then count me out I'm afraid.


There were 3 players with any ounce of class on that park yesterday : Baxter, Warbara and their lad Duffy.


10 men or not, that was a game we should have won. Scunthorpe were :censored:e. Proper :censored:e.

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