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  1. This was confirmed with paperwork seen. Not word of mouth.
  2. As you say Tracey, Blitz stated in his Q&A the rent goes up to £200k (which Abdallah signed and agreed to do) and still no negotiations regarding use or price so I would doubt there would be a change to that.
  3. The £100k has been the price of the lease for a number of years. The owner of the club has the option to try and engage with Brassbank but has chose not to, instead threatening court action despite Abdallah knowing he never owned the ground. Did we suggest the club should pay for it? I don’t think we did and was never meant to sound like that.
  4. 🗣Final Push!! It is the last day to get your signature on the petition being sent to Owner Abdallah Lemsagam. The more signatures the louder the voice. Send it to your friends, family and work colleagues to get us over before the end of the day!! Let’s get it signed, it’s time to Reclaim The Faith! https://www.change.org/p/oldham-athletic-requesting-abdallah-lemsagam-to-sell-oldham-athletic-football-club?utm_content=cl_sharecopy_28978685_en-GB%3A6&recruiter=1204488371&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=tap_basic_share
  5. More ability than most of our midfielders this season though. (Granted doesn’t say a lot)
  6. Placide after his mother passed away was a completely different player starting with Carlisle away. Some of the performances before then were superb. Pompey away, bury at home two standouts for me.
  7. It is going direct to their personal emails Chris and being delivered to the ground on their return to the club. I know there is press interest in speaking with Abdallah over it, this is only the start of the plans we have for the new season, we have to start somewhere
  8. Change.org is very secure for safeguarding against signatures from all over the world. They have ‘bot software’ which blocks IP addresses if they try and complete more than a few from the same location. A lot of familiar names from the message boards and social media looking at the names so far!
  9. Think you still need a battering ram in your squad. Even if it’s a tactical sub to run games down. Massive missed someone of his style this season. Granted won’t get you many goals
  10. As GlossopLatic has said, Blitz could of done that numerous times over the years and never has. He wouldn’t want that on his CV. He is a football fan and I genuinely couldn’t ever see him doing that. Out of interest what would your approach be?
  11. He signed for them had to isolate then his mum got diagnosed with cancer and passed away quite quickly afterwards apparently. Really sad situation of him. He Should be more than capable in that league.
  12. We had said this during the podcast, which like you say was almost fitting to the season as a whole! Glad it comes across well.
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