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  1. We (PTB) have already released info @Ritchie Rich, leytons head of safety has already been in touch we are confident a solution can be found.
  2. Thanks John given they were investigating after a young lad was kicked the other week who wasn’t wearing hi vis I don’t think it was unreasonable to request they put something out.
  3. You like to think Taurus would confirm it either way before it got to that position
  4. Strange then how they were dressed the same and looked like security. It will be interesting to read their statement to result if they release one about their own enquiry on the fan who was kicked previously and now the suggestion it was one of theirs. We have had a few pictures sent to us and videos so we will do what we can to support those who were assaulted.
  5. Really makes you wonder who he is working for here, the fans or Abdallah still.
  6. We requested the meeting be recorded and released, This was rejected. We then asked to release a transcript/ update like we would with Karl. Also rejected. They wanted the first one to be a listening exercise for it to go ahead make of that what you will. It is no surprise fans get so annoyed given the lack of transparency within the club.
  7. Thanks for this Chaddy! Yes it has been a long period without us having a little break so I won’t apologise for that. @whittles left foot what have we not engaged about? Our emails, which we respond to normally within the same day, are always open and viewed almost hourly, work dependant! Feel free to email us over any issues you have or want answers on, our email address is info@pushtheboundary.co.uk We have been at both away games (Bradford before the game) so far and have had detailed chats with supporters over their concerns of the club. We also met the CEO earlier in the month and provided a lengthy update. Ticket details have been updated on social platforms (Twitter and Facebook - apologies if I have missed them off here). To criticise because we haven’t been on a social media platform for a few days I think is a slightly poor show. Happy to discuss any concerns you may have or ideas of how you think they could be resolved!
  8. Seems like there is a good few going from social media! Hope to see some of you down there! Good to put names to accounts
  9. There is suggestion the same is being done for Bristol, I think the update is pretty clear to say it’s on hold pending further information becoming clear. Each to their own though, if that’s your opinion fair enough!
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