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  1. Whelan and Lawlor for me only ones coming out with any real credit at the moment for me. Lacking any ideas in the final third.
  2. He was surprised at the drop and requested the data we had to try and see a trend/ particular reason behind it. Obviously we advised him on the various reasons we were aware of and to his credit he wants to change that and sees the fans as the main income stream so wants to do what he can to get fans back at BP but knows this will be a long process.
  3. This is similar numbers to the survey which is what we have forwarded to Karl to view. It’s a shame Natalie didn’t take this feedback on board at the time.
  4. He was there before shez as U23 coach/ loan manager I believe.
  5. They take players with potential, not ones like Rowe that’s the point I’m making. I doubt many sides would have been in for a 31 year old from non league. If a team hasn’t taken a punt on him by now don’t you have to question why? For Fylde 24 goals in 17/18, 27 in 18/19 and 6 in 19/20. If he was worth big money clubs since 2018 would have been paying it. But they haven’t.
  6. On the other hand you have Peterborough and Exeter who regularly sign players from the lower leagues and sell on for a substantial profit. We are talking about Experienced managers who have managed in these leagues John, whether is 11 months or 5, not those who just talk about.
  7. Most managers say quite openly in interviews, papers etc that there isn’t much difference between L2 and the national league so this he has only played x amount of league games doesn’t wash. Having said that I genuinely think him changing his play slightly to adapt to L2 by playing that little bit further forward would massively benefit his goals record for us.
  8. Hamer for me misplaced far too many Crosses. He gets into good positions but his delivery lets him down badly. DKD you can tell he is raw but again the amount of misplaced simple passes was beyond silly. Rowes natural role is to drop deep which is all well and good but it’s not what we need. Especially as we are still missing a striker(target man). For me I thought Whelan/ Garrity did alright and kept things tidy. still early days hopefully things progress.
  9. Just a small part of what PTB is about but due to Covid it has obviously had more of a focus with us not being able to get details out of the club with most being on furlough. New season new charity. Throughout the season we are hoping to have events running to raise vital funds. Vote on the link for your choice from the ones selected.
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