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Reece wabara

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probably would, its whether city want him to drop back down to league one after having a spell in the championship.


was a bit suspect at times defensively but certainly good bombing forward, if it was between him and another young premiership full back then id certainly pick him as we already know he can do a job.

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We can play "where's Wabara?" when watching goal highlights again.


Wondering how he's not even in shot as we

concede yet another down his side


It would make a change from conceding down the left when grounds allows the ball to be crossed in



Good going forwards though ...

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In and out of the garage all the time, nobody can find out what's wrong with it then you flog it to some bloke in Aberdeen and it runs like a dream......

But to be fair though... My mate bought a car off eBay with a price that was too good to be true, (£1000, from Swindon as well) it run like a dream for the trip back up the motorway and within three weeks it didn't work! He then couldn't even sell it for half the price as it was a duffer so scrapped it. It's not just footballers who look good on paper. Moral of the story, never buy anything from Swindon!!!!!!!

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