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Sol Campbell - wrong colour to be Captain?

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Hard to believe the kind of twaddle this guys is talking. I really can't stand people with his mentality.




And just to help you all decide if Sol is right:


Stato time:


Sol Campbell gained 73 caps between 1996 and 2007


There were three full time captains during that time


Alan Shearer (1996-2000)

David Beckham (2000-2006)

John Terry (2006-2010)


Sol Campbell himself was made captain for the day on 3 occasions during those years

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Campbell's a :censored:ing idiot, who was never captain material for me. Of the three black players to have captained England, only Paul Ince was of genuine international captain calibre.

I was just looking at this captain list:




I make it four captains of darker persuasions - Paul Ince, Sol Campbell, Rio Ferdinand and Ashley Cole

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Like, Darth Vader or the Undertaker?

Ha. I actually nearly went with "darker side of the force". I expect it to become the new Politically Correct term with months. ;)


Although thinking about it, either term would be fitting for the "I could have been a bigger, but the racists held me back. There's no evidence but I'll throw my accusations out there anyway" idiots such as Sol Campbell. Basically with this book he seems to have turned to a career of professional victimhood.

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He added: "I don't think it will change because they don't want it to and probably the majority of fans don't want it either.


This is the quote that bothers me. The vast majority of England couldn't give a :censored: what colour the captain was.

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I listened to the monday night club on 5 live who were doing a big piece on this, including about 20mins of his interview.


A few things I noticed.


1. How big an opinion of himself Sol has: (These are direct quotes)


"I could have been the captain for 10 years"

"I was the best defender in the world between 2001 - 2004"

"No one in the world could have coped with the pressure I did. They would have been dead"


Who do you think you are? You were a good defender. One of the best in the world at the time, undoubtedly. The "BEST"? Cannavaro and Nesta would have had a bit of a say on that.

You bang on about pressure. They were burning effigies of Beckham. John Terry has had more pressure on him than most.


The captains at Arsenal whilst he was there: Viera, Henry and Gallas. Maybe it's cos you mention pressure Sol?! Maybe others, regardless of skin colour were better leaders than you?


2: Steve Claridge needs a slap.

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