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Playershare committee notes 27.02.14


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Dear all. Please find below the committee notes from 27.02.14



1.Apologies: Ian McCallister & Will Holding


In Attendance: Barry Owen, Janet Winterbottom, Craig Lavis, Chris Hill, Peter Newell, Stacey Longsden, Tracy wright and Lee Johnson


3.Update from the club: Barry advised us about the trust and how becoming a member is going to change. No messages otherwise


4.Finances: Barry and Rick advised us that there is an issue with the RBS bank and that have not been able to get access to the actual monies for this meeting but believe that we are about £9k mark. Confirmation too that we have now fully paid up on our commitment to Eddie (player)


Barry also advised us that the trust had an independent audit of finances and there are no issues


Chris and Tracy asked about our regular contributors how many? Rick confirmed there are aprox 80 people who contribute to playershare every month and their contributions vary. This equates to about 2% of our home gates. Lee was interested in the figures and is keen on how we can raise the profile of playershare as he believes, its a good cause.


Other boosters to the funds is Spend and raise scheme, http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/laticsplayershare


player share pledge


OWTB subscription league winnings


5. Marketing.

Lee Johnson spoke about how he felt guilty over using player share money with regards to Eddie Eddie was a development project, that at the moment the club are not set up to do long term. Lee still believes that we will see Eddie in the Europa league in the future. The committee confirmed our support of Lee and his choices and that it is a learning curve for us all. That we could have easily supported a first team who could have ended up long term injured. Its a chance Lee, the committee and the fans who contribute make.


Lee asked how the fans would react if we invested in a player like Charlie McDonald. Charlie is coming up to the end of his contract and the club have an option to extend. Would the players age, fitness, goals, play a factor if the committee said Yes/No? The answer is that the committee only needs 3 members to approve/release the finances. If it was a close call, the committee would contact its members to ask for feedback. Gary Harkins was mentioned but there is a rational at the moment of why this may not be an option (see fans questions at the end of the meeting note). Committee agreed as a marketing tool a first player on the pitch/on the verge of the first team is our most successful tool to have for us. Who remembers the impact of Shefki Kuqui and his goal and the flying belly flop? Lee has taken this on board and admits a crowd pleaser maybe the best way forward from now on.


Lee admitted that the turnover of players has much more to his liking than he envisaged and is conscious that there seems to be a gap widening between new players and the fans on the terraces and is keen to close this gap. Janet Winterbottom confirmed that she has been on holiday for three weeks and came back to an almost unrecognizable team at the MK match.


Lee has offered his services to sign up to playershare and maybe a photo op/story with regards to signing up and promoting Dave Stringers spend and raise web page too. Chris Hill has volunteered to follow this up with regards to a chronicle article, latics web page article. Possibility of some fans who contribute being part of the article too. This would be used as a promotion to the end of the season. Footnote: re Craig Lavis suggestion, if we can get a former player too to sign up at the same timeMaybe Tommy Wright?


Recruitment night following on from Lee willing to volunteer his time, we could look into a recruitment night/sign up to playershare/meet the manager event. We could base this around either an open forum questions/answers night, supper night or lees suggestion an X-Factor night. Lee and a panel of judges to vote on a winner, Lee might be able to get a player to sing. Rick Attwood is going to look at sourcing a venues out. Poss Mecca bingo. TBA. Craig confirmed we still have about 80 pin badges left for when people join, Tracy confirm she could get literature produced if it was designed. Poss April time


Follow up on recruitment, we need to drive this a bit, Joining info to be placed a the club shop with a committee member, details passed out on the turnstiles, article in programme committee members to wear maybe t-shirts on match days that readask me about playershare. Using the boards around the ground to put up posters etc.


End of season Article to go in programme/ on website, poster on wall to thank all contributors, monthly payers, spend and raise payers, OWTB pledges and OWTB subs league too. Tracy will draft the wording, rick to put his fine spin on it and Tracy will pay the cost


Next season Small business style card produced with joining playershare and spend and raise. These are to be put inside season tickets. Tracy & Janet volunteered to do this. Card has to be designed and Tracy will get them made up


Close season Chris hill has suggested a football tournment to run in line with World cup. Enter a team etc.open to adults, genders and ages too. Details to be thrashed out at next meeting


6 Fans ideas/suggestions/questions from OWTB whose names are protected by usernames

  • Fan BP1690 Question What is playershare criteria for funding players?

Answer: It is at the discretion of the manager, request from the manger and sanctioning by at least three members of the committee. The committee only agrees when finances have been looked at what we have in the bank and if we can forecast on the regular contributors to playershare

  • Fan BP1690 & Yarddog73. Have both asked a question with regards to current fans favorite Gary Harkins and if playershare can support him Jeebsys wages.

Answer: From Lee Johnson, Lee knows Gary well and at the moment his parent club are keeping an eye on his performances. This mean if he is released by his club, his value could be higher than what we can afford. So its a case of TBA on this one

  • Fan Yarddog73 Question Is there a social element to the club, are meetings open to all contributors, Who is the committee? I know certain initiatives are pushed on the main message board but other than that, Im not sure how the scheme is structured?

Answer: see question 1s answer with regards to scheme structure. With regards to other questions. Playershare is an idea from the trust, hence there are two current members on the playershare committee(Rick Attwood and Barry Owen). Other committee members are: Craig Lavis, Chris Hill, Janet Winterbottom, Tracy Wright, Ian McCallister and Will Harding at the moment. Independent witness is Peter Newell and Stacey Longsden attended this meeting to see how it goes. Meetings are open to all except for this one as Lee was in attendance; Meetings generally are in public houses at various locations so fans can sees how we operate. Committee is made up of volunteers and any events/promotions we do NOT come out of the player share funds. If money is needed for promotions/leaflet printing etc, then it comes from volunteers on the committee or what resources we can get our hands on ie: Tracy Wright does the printing for free. At the moment there is no social element to playershare other than fundraising. Maybe when the stand is built, we can work on this.

  • O4U Question. For me, it would be better to use Playersahre funds on a marquee signing.

Answer I think we all agree that this is the best marketing tool for player share in general. Lees honesty and his feelings of guilt over using the money on a project is document here and of course, in previous meet the manager forum. Lee has taken this on board and we the committee have too



8 Next committee meeting: TBA, possible the end of March



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Good job tracy. RE football tournament. This is progressing nicely. Just looking to confirm a venue and date now. Poss oldham sports centre, beginning/middle of may. Lee said there could be a staff side involved. I am currently only running an open age one but if the demand is there and i can fill 16 places in junior levels, then i am happy to run these also. So if anyone has contacts at local clubs, give them a heads up.

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Thanks for the answers, the biggest fundraiser of all would be a playershare race night involving the manager and players, I would expect a profit over £1000 from such an event if run professionally.

In addition new playershare subscribers could be signed up on the night.

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Thanks for the answers, the biggest fundraiser of all would be a playershare race night involving the manager and players, I would expect a profit over £1000 from such an event if run professionally.

In addition new playershare subscribers could be signed up on the night.



Thanks BP we did one of these a few summers back. It was organised by a fan and his family, who also organised for the winners to get prizes too and was held at the rifle range pub. It did raise over £1,000.00 and a good night was had by all and we are very grateful to all this involved too.


It's something we can consider again. Lee Johnson suggestion was a factor night with acts paying an entrance fee. He even knew a couple of singers on the squad who he would volunteer.


Chris hill is organising a football tournament so I think this is the first one we need to get out of the way

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