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Massive Positive...

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The work Martin Vose and the OACT team are doing trying to promote Latics in schools and in the community is brilliant.


He came into our School today along with Philliskirk and Wes, and they all had lots of time for the children and answered all their questions in an assembly.


I've noticed through their twitter feed and Facebook that Martin has been around lots of different schools with players over the past few months trying to encourage the future generation to be Latics fans...

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Was Chaddy there? The Leeds Rhinos have a massive community programme that seems to bring all the kids in. All they seem to be intereste in is meeting Ronnie The Rhino though.


Years ago when Bradford were good they used to race to see who could get in the schools first in all the areas that could be classed as 'no mans land' in between BRadford and Leeds.

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The OACT do a blinding job across their coaching of various groups and the school visits. There are other local clubs that do school visits (without the players) but the first thing they want is for parents to put their hands in their pockets. They're a vital part of what is needed to get the rest of the club to thrive.

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