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An evening with Ricky Holden, provisional date in your calendar

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Wardlelatic has arranged an evening with Ricky Holden. Details below and on. Facebook on how to pre book your places.




This event is in aid of PlayerShare.


Sat 18th April after Oldham v Chesterfeld why not join Rick Holden for a night of football talk and stories of Ricks favourite moments in Football.


During the Night, Richard William Holden will be on hand to answer questions and sign his book.


Tickets are £8 each and include a supper.


This is a provisional night but with it only being one month away we wanted to let people know it will happen soon. We hope to be able to confirm this event within 24 hrs.



Come on down and meet the legend that is tricky Ricky Holden.

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I've not seen anything. What's he said?!


Facebook extracts:

Richard William Holden

To all my latics friends.

This has gone mad. Even the press are ringing me!! I have thought long and hard about applying for the Latics job and cannot commit now as I have too many projects rolling. (The arrogance- wouldn't get an interview anyway). I can't just drop things on the Rock it would be unfair and impractical. Your response however, as fans has stunned me beyond belief and I began to get eidetic emotions. I didn't realize the passion we olde boys created and equally I didn't evaluate my feelings for the club which were hidden in me deeply to such a point that they are difficult to express with words. I will apply for the job one day In a less hasty situation as I know now that I do want to do the job some time in the near future.

Once again your support has been overwhelming and thank you.




Richard William Holden

Actually I should apply to see if I even get an interview. Yes people are right I would be in it for the long haul. Passion and knowledge are more important than money. I could supply those. After all I don't have to prove those to the fans. Trouble is The Board would see my demands for thing like match standard footballs for training and essentials like that as alien and wouldn't know where I was coming from by playing two wingers and assembling an old worlde attacking team. I have thought about it believe me! How could it work? Life and football is a lot simpler than it it is made out and indeed looks! Nothing fancy JUST PASSION knowledge and football. Can't happen today!!


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